• Autumn looming large, Diwali and Halloween on the horizon

    Well we've had a few weeks off, recharging our batteries and catching some vitamin D. Corfu and Stockholm - diet and exercise needed badly! Sunshine in Corfu and a fiesta of design saturation in gorgeous Stockholm. Arrived back in the UK to the equinox and the real start of Autumn, months of filthy dogs start here!

    We've been planning loads of new products - more of that to come!!

    In the meantime its on with the machines and out in the post with Diwali and Halloween Decorations! We do love our job! halloween bunting laser cut boo ghost party

    and this is why we need a diet.....thanks Stockholm!

    Kardemummabullar or Swedish Cardamom Rolls

    Now on with the design hats and out with the orders!!

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